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One Bakery, hundreds of people connected to serve the customer well.

The A Padaria Portuguesa family is organised into 4 areas, each with its own functions, but all interdependent. These are the Head Office in Lisbon, the Logistics Centre in Matinha, the Production Plant in Marvila and the 59 Stores throughout Greater Lisbon.

According to our Human Resources Director, Ana Santos, “We are absolutely focused on our commitment to the well-being and performance of each employee of A Padaria Portuguesa. We are inclusive and we want to be a place where everyone can develop their potential, so that the company continues to have sustainable and healthy growth.”

Ana Santos
Human Resources Director
Passionate about the arts, writing and poetry, her third book was published in Portugal and Brazil in 2016. She writes for the ComunicaRH platform and will soon publish a new book on organisational change.

She graduated with a degree in law, then obtained a post-graduate qualification in Human Resources Management and Neuro Leadership. She has worked in human resources in a range of sectors over the past 20 years, including in the international hotel business, pharmaceutical industry, retail/consumer goods and logistics. She has worked in Switzerland, where she took on the role of Global Human Resources Manager.
We are inclusive and we want to be a place where everyone can develop their potential.
Ana Santos Human Resources Director